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RISE UP and THRIVE! - Become Your Best Self (for busy leaders, CEOs, managers, experts, professionals and business owners)
Conscious Leadership Strategies for Thriving Organization, Business, and Life.

The way we show up in our business, work and family life reflects on who we are and what we think about ourselves. We are at our best when we are rested, full of energy, have clarity and peace of mind, knowing exactly what we want. But with all of life’s fast-paced, high stress demands it becomes very easy to put ourselves rock-bottom last on our own “to-do” list. And the result of this constant survival mode is deteriorating health, exhaustion, dissatisfaction, strained relationships, guilt, and depression.

While there are different approaches to life, Tatyana believes that you can thrive in every domain of your life and you can have it all – business success, a fulfilling job, an amazing family, and friendships, and more. In this interactive session Tatyana will share effective and fun strategies, tools, and techniques to shift the attendees’ perspective on themselves, their value, their work, and life and help then discover the new conscious way of being, doing business, creating, working, and living for greater ease, joy, fulfillment, and success.

Attendees will also learn how to:

  1. Know themselves and communicate their value.

  2. Put themselves at the top of their priority to do list and start their day with their wellbeing and goals in mind.

  3. Align their body, mind, and soul in the present moment to create clarity, ease, joy, peace of mind and “can do it” attitude allowing them to tackle any obstacle and have higher productivity.

  4. Why developing a growth mindset and putting themselves first improves their rates of succeeding in every aspect of their life: business, career, relationships, family.

  5. How to build stamina, gain more energy and achieve more without burnout.

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