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Motivational Speaker & Trainer
Tatyana Gao, MA
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The Exponential Power of the Conscious Leader Known as YOU!​

In our quickly changing social capital world of AI, disruptive innovation and customer driven outcomes, the old paradigms of leadership are no longer relevant. Instead, building strong, meaningful relationships and using a conscious approach keeps surfacing as some of the keys to creating a team of people who are willing to go the extra mile, stay focused on solutions and work collaboratively to reach goals.

RISE UP and THRIVE! - Become Your Best Self (for busy leaders, CEOs, managers, experts, professionals and business owners)

It is absolutely possible to have it all – business success, a fulfilling career, an amazing family, and friendships, and more without burnout, exhaustion. And the key ingredient in this recipe  for success is YOU! 

A Self-Made Hero – How to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism to Master Success

According to statistics, about 82% of people worldwide are affected by impostor syndrome. More and more professionals, business owners, CEOS, directors, scientists, managers, professionals, and students suffer from it which leads to higher levels of mental health issues, feeling stuck, procrastination, overworking, depression, burnout and lower productivity across small businesses, large organizations, and university campuses.

The Power of Optimism And A ‘Can Do Attitude”

Building a thriving team of loyal professionals and maintaining positive dynamics in a fast-paced changing and economically challenging business landscape is not easy. It’s a big task! This is why creating the environment of aligned values, appreciation and connection where every voice matters is the recipe for success.

Communicate to Connect - Emotional Intelligence Skills for Thriving Business and Personal Relationships

As number one leadership expert John Maxwell states, “many people communicate and very few connect”. The ability to connect with people on a deeper level is the true key to success and satisfaction in all aspects of life.

Leadership Charisma - How to Develop A Presidential Presence, Become Influential and Successful.

It is a common misconception or a myth that charismatic people are born with a charisma. In fact, anyone can develop a charisma and become a magnetic leader for their team, followers, customers, great opportunities, business success, and wonderful blessings in life.

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