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Create the work-life balance that sets you up for wellbeing, fulfillment, and success.
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Online on zoom

Self-management is key to a sustainable balance in all spheres of life.

In this leadership development masterclass, you will learn how to:

-Effectively manage time

-Have more energy and stamina

-Process and guide your emotions

-Wisely manage expectations of others

-Ride the wave of happiness, wellbeing, and success.


According to leadership research, the hardest thing for most leaders to do is to lead themselves.

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Most professionals tend to fall into the trap of “doing the busy work” but not being efficient or not creating work life balance. In the new scene of remote work and business, personal and professional life fuse into one and it becomes more difficult to manage priorities, time, and energy.

This often negatively reflects on the company, business, projects, career, family, and personal life.

Creeping mental health issues, high levels of anxiety, stress, impostor syndrome, depression, burnout, low energy blur clarity, direction, motivation, and decision making. This affects the way we show up in business, at work and with loved ones. Inability to cope may lead to an unwanted health related event, a lost opportunity, or relationship issues.

The professional success and well-being of any leader, expert, scientist, entrepreneur, CEO, director, manager, employee, or an individual largely depends on their ability to manage themselves, their time, emotions, energy and resources effectively, as well as organize and motivate people around.

Learn how to consciously manage and lead yourself in this 1.5-hour webinar

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  • How to create work life balance.

  • How to prioritize and set boundaries.

  • Effective time management and organization.

  • How to lead yourself when unmotivated.

  • Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness and self-regulation.


We will practice tools and techniques to

  • Create clarity about what you want and what's important to you.

  • Set intensions and goals.

  • Set priorities and organize your calendar.

  • Create a new empowering environment. 

  • Work with negative self-talk and shift mindset for well-being and success.

  • Activate energetic flow for creativity, wellbeing, and vitality.

Social science has proven that ability to self-regulate, self-organize, and a playful approach to life can help you improve quality of living and thrive.


1.5-hour ONLINE Masterclass


Date: Sunday, April 28 at 12pm EST
Location: On ZOOM

Price: $55.

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Motivational Speaker, Executive Leadership and Confidence Coach, Consultant, Author of Conscious Leadership method, and Creator of Monada Coaching. 


I work with top companies and organizations, colleges and universities, to deliver world-class trainings, workshops, and keynotes on leadership, management, and “power” skills, like emotional intelligence, interpersonal and intercultural communication, building confidence, negotiation and conflict resolution to create a thriving culture within an organization, or a community.

I help professionals, leaders, experts, and students overcome imposter syndrome, brake limiting beliefs, build confidence and realize their full potential in career, business, and personal life.

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