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How to easily improve your mindset for sustainable wellbeing, prosperity, and success
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Online on zoom

Successful thriving leaders, business owners, and professionals know the secret and possess the skills that allow them to be on top of the game, build resilience, confidence, navigate any challenges with ease, and excel in any market conditions.

You will learn

  • How to easily improve your mindset

  • How to release negative emotions

  • How to build resilience...


The success and well-being of any leader, expert, scientist, entrepreneur, CEO, director, manager, or a professional largely depends on their ability to lead with confidence, manage their emotions when stakes are high, navigate any challenges with ease and grace and inspire people around them.

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Emotional intelligence is the key to creating a sustainable sense of wellbeing, prosperity, and success.
You will ask me: "Why is that?" And I will say that we see everything through the lenses of our emotions, and unless we change the way we see things, our mindset, outlook, and the way we react to things, - our career, business and life will stay the same. 
In order to change any aspect of life, we need to change ourselves first.
JOIN me for this elevating and transformative Masterclass!
You will learn powerful tools and techniques to help you transform the way you approach your life, think about yourself and others, manage your emotions, and relate to others.
  • How to easily improve your mindset and change your outlook
  • Release negative emotions and work with triggers
  • Develop adaptability and resilience
  • Improve relationships
  • Empower yourself for greatness
  • Create a sustainable wellbeing, prosperity, and success.

Ready to empower yourself in this 2-hour webinar?

Social science has proven that ability to self-regulate, self-organize, and a playful approach to life can help you improve quality of living and thrive.


2-hour ONLINE Masterclass

Date: Friday, July 26

Time: 12 pm EST

Location: Zoom

Price: $55.

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Motivational Speaker, Executive Leadership and Confidence Coach, Consultant, Author of Conscious Leadership method, and Creator of Monada Coaching. 


I work with top companies and organizations, colleges and universities, to deliver world-class trainings, workshops, and keynotes on leadership, management, and “power” skills, like emotional intelligence, interpersonal and intercultural communication, building confidence, negotiation and conflict resolution to create a thriving culture within an organization, or a community.

I help professionals, leaders, experts, and students overcome imposter syndrome, brake limiting beliefs, build confidence and realize their full potential in career, business, and personal life.

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