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Tatyana Gao

Speaking Engagements



Monada Coaching & Consulting, founded by Tatyana Gao, is an educational and training company in the Boston area, with an emphasis on team building, organizational, management, leadership, and “power” skills development, diversity, inclusion, and multi-cultural issues for global business operations and youth empowerment.

Our mission is to educate, empower and transform leaders, professionals, and organizations all over the world and to create a global community of conscious leaders, bringing prosperity, wellbeing and fulfillment to all.

Speaking Engagement Format

We work with companies, organizations, colleges, and universities, including Harvard University and Dartmouth College, to create a meaningful transformative experience for the specific audiences’ needs.

Through the interactive team building, leadership workshops, trainings, key notes, and consulting we address important topics, including:


  • Leadership development 

  • Management and team motivation

  • Emotional intelligence and soft skills training

  • Negotiation, and conflict resolution

  • Intercultural communication in the workplace

  • Beating Impostor Syndrome, confidence building

  • Effective communication and social skills

  • Conscious leadership strategies for a thriving organizational culture, and more.


The speaking engagement format varies. We offer full day and half-day trainings, 45-60 minute keynote speeches, 1,5 hour workshops, and masterclasses.

Speaking engagements are tailored to the interests and needs of your audience via virtual and in-person format.

We help professionals, business owners, CEOs, directors, leaders who struggle with self-confidence, anxiety, imposter syndrome, lack clarity and direction or starting on a new path in their life to build confidence, break limiting beliefs, discover higher purpose and realize their potential in personal and professional life. We offer individual coaching in the areas of self-confidence, relationships, career, well-being, projects, and business.

Get Started on Your Journey to Creating a Thriving Company, Organization, or Community Culture with Us Today.

Empower your team, company, organization, or campus community with our interactive group trainings. Contact us today to learn more about Monada Coaching’s personal and business programs to create success and thrive in all spheres of life.

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