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Tatyana Bills

About Me

I am a certified transformational life coach based in Boston.I would like to help you transform your life the way I did mine.


My coaching work is informed by over 20 years of study and personal practice, at the “Head Wind” school in Krasnodar, Russia. This is where I learned the foundations and principles of eastern philosophy, Buddhism, psychology, concentration, meditation, visualization, energy work, and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming).

About me

Over the course of 4 years (February 2015 - December 2018), I developed and led leadership programs for students at Dartmouth College's Rockefeller Center for Public Policy & Social Services. I mentored and coached students on career and life paths, while applying the same principles to my own life and acting as a role model for others. I have also coached friends, family, and colleagues on navigating difficult relationship situations, career path decisions, life transitions, dealing with depression, and building confidence.

My philosophy

I believe we create out reality through our thoughts and mindset. Thoughts create emotions and emotions generate a specific energy field around us, which attracts (or pushes away) certain things into our life. When our body, mind, and spirit are not in alignment, we feel unhappy, frustrated, and at times physically ill. 


If you are struggling, I can help you release limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions, and past trauma, allowing you to find direction and purpose in life–and create the life you desire and deserve. 


Coaching is a great tool that not only shows you what beliefs may be holding you back, it also helps you change them, step-by-step, to gain control of your life and understand how your body, mind, and spirit are integral parts of the process. 


My goal is to help you align with your higher self and your purpose, by shifting your mindset and discovering your true power. During our sessions, I ask questions so you can learn more about yourself, your needs, fears, desires, and dreams. I create and hold a safe space for you and listen without judgment, so you feel heard and free to be yourself. When needed, I offer practical tools, gleaned from multiple disciplines, that you can apply and practice right away.


With my guidance, you will identify your S.M.A.R.T. goals and create a plan to help you achieve the things you want, while offering gentle accountability, to help you reach your desired outcomes.


  • Pavel Larionov's Headwind Martial Arts & Meditation School 

  • Eben Pagan's Virtual Coach program

  • Lisa Nichols' Speak to Inspire program

  • Vishen Lakhiani's Become Extraordinary program

  • Dartmouth College's Motivational Interviewing program


  • Dartmouth College (NH) Master of Arts in Liberal Studies: Globalization

  • Kuban State University (Russia) B.A/ M.A. Romance Languages & Education

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