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Quantum Alignment Program

Image by Dan DeAlmeida

Part 1: Conscious Focus

Part 2: Higher Consciousness

About the Program:

Energy grows where energy flows. This program will help you develop concentration, inner discipline, become a conscious creator of your life, and expand your consciousness on all levels.

Conscious Focus

Conscious Focus Program



Program Outline:

5 Week program

5 Sessions, 1 hour each

In this program you will learn to:

  • Understand how your thoughts, emotions, and actions create your vibration, with which you attract things into your life.

  • Identify and become extremely aware of what your thoughts and energy are spent on and what you give out to the world.

  • Improve your psychological state and mood by creating a healing process.

  • Hone your ability to concentrate and hold focus for extended periods of time and consciously guide your energy in the direction of our dreams and desires.

  • Activate and develop strong focus of your third eye chakra. 

  • Develop an extra sensory ability to see beyond what your eyes can see. 

  • Develop energetic vision and ability to see energy.

  • Develop inner Observer to help become the conscious creator of your life.

  • Develop strong willpower and resilience.

  • Expand your consciousness and elevate yourself to the next level of alignment with your higher self.  

Unconscious creating is what causes us pain and discomfort in life. The pandemic and the current social climate forced us to move our life activities online. In need for human connection we become addicted to social media, cellphones, and computers. This is complicated by the state of the economy, pandemic, homeschooling, remote working, online shopping, and home delivery. The price we pay is losing concentration and being pulled in many different directions. We can lose ourselves in the sea of perfect Instagram photos, constant Facebook posts, and TikTok videos. Are you living someone else’s life while feeling sad, frustrated, or jealous of other people’s seemingly “perfect” lives? 


While studying at the Head Wind School for Marshal Arts and Meditation in Russia, I discovered and learned effective focus and concentration techniques that helped me overcome fear and depression, heal my body, mind, and soul, and refocus myself to expand my consciousness to create a happy new life. 


I am super happy to share my focus training techniques with you in this 5-module program. 



Module 1: Training your focus on a moving object: Learn to be in the present moment for extended periods of time.

Exercise 1: Arrow Exercise. 20 min per day to train focus.


Module 2: Third Eye Activation: Activating and training your 'third eye' chakra to see beyond what your eyes see and develop energetic vision. 

Exercise 2: Black Dot Exercise. 


Module 3: Expand your ability to focus and see with your third eye: Develop 3D vision.

Exercise: 3: 3D Images. practice seeing Holograms.


Module 4: Focus on directing your attention and energy. Next level eye/hand coordination.

Exercise 4: Exercise: Rolling Balls..


Mondale 5: Solidifying your focus training.

Exercise 5: Coin and Aquarius Exercises.

Note: This is a practice-based program. The results are individual and are based on each participant’s solid work and practice in this program.

Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness Program


Program Outline:

5 Modules

25 Weeks

1 Hour session per week

You will learn to:

  • Discover your inner power to consciously create your best self and your desired life.

  • Align your body, mind, and spirit to live your purpose.

  • Develop the inner Observer on a higher level.

  • Fundamentals of energy work.

  • Control, move and guide energy in your body with ease.

  • Gain understanding of energy systems and energy flows in your physical and energy bodies.

  • Strengthen and expand your energy field.

  • Develop inner discipline and will power.

  • Remove energy blocks, trapped emotions, and limiting beliefs that may cause deeper health issues.

  • Discover deeper intuition and extra-sensory abilities (clairvoyance, big picture vision, ability to sense and 'see' objects as energy, ability to use energy for healing).

  • Strengthen your concentration and maintain focus throughout the day.

  • Energy healing.




Module 1:   Upper Body “Staple” Energy System 

Week 1: Fingers. Learn to fill your fingers with energy and release energy with ease. 

Week 2:  Hand center, one at a time then both together. Connecting energy flow from all five fingers into the hand chakra. Feeling the pulse of the hand center and energy flow.

Week 3: Inside upward flow. Moving energy up the arms and shoulders, one arm at a time, then both together. 

Week 4: Chest bowl and heart center. Moving energy into the chest bowl and activating the heart chakra energy center.

Week 5:  Outside downward flow. Connecting energy flowing down from the heart center to the palm centers.

Week 6:  Complete arm-chest “Staple” loop. Practice moving and circulating energy in the arms in petals and in an 8. 

Module 2:   Lower Body “Staple” Energy System

Week 7:  Toes. Filling toes with energy one at a time, then all together. First one foot then another, then together.   

Week 8: Foot chakra center. Connect the energy flow from all five toes into the plan chakra. One foot at a time, then both feet together. 

Week 9:  Inside upward flow – legs. Moving energy up on the inner part to your knee, and then up to hips. One leg at a time, then another, then both legs together. Releasing energy, the same way.

Week 10:  Hip bowl, and sacral center. Moving energy into the hip bowl and activating the sacral chakra energy center.

Week 11:  Outside downward flow. Connect energy flowing down from your sacral center with your feet centers.

Week 12: Complete legs – Hips “Staple” loop. Practice moving and circulating energy freely in petals and shape of an eight. 

Module 3:   Combined Upper and Lower Body “Staple” Energy System in Solar Plexus

Week 13: Upper and Lower Body “Staple” Energy System combined at the same time.  Run energy in both systems simultaneously in different figures. Heart and Sacral centers: understanding and comparing difference in energy rhythms of these centers.

Week 14:  Solar plexus chakra center. Merging energy from the heart center and the sacral center to create a powerful solar plexus center. Connect energy flow from arms and legs, Upper and Lower Body “Staple” Energy Systems. Feel the rhythm of the solar plexus energy center.

Week 15: Energy flow through the solar plexus center. Practice moving energy in petal shapes and crossed arms-legs eights. 

Week 16: Practice and observe the flow to free up the energy of attention. 

Module 4:   Solar Plexus

Week 17:  Solar Plexus energy center fluid movement. Moving Solar Plexus up and down to the sternum: first down to the sacral energy center and then up to the heart energy center, and back to the sacral center several times. Achieve ease of movement. 

Week 18:  Solar Plexus. Moving it up to the neck energy center and back. Achieve ease of energy movement at your command.

Week 19:  Solar Plexus. Moving it up to the tongue. Form an energy droplet at the tip of your tongue. 

Module 5: Head and Brain Energy Breathing System

Week 20:  Tongue. Roll your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth. Energy droplet enters your brain. Circulate energy droplet in your head. Achieve ease of movement.

Week 21:  Tongue and brain. Circulate the droplet until it becomes an energy ball. 

Week 22:  Tongue and brain. Create an orbit of light inside of which the energy ball moves. Circulate from the back of your head toward the eyes.  

Week 23: Brain spiral. Move the energy towards the center of consciousness in a closing spiral until it comes into one dot and turns into a small ball. Then move it back up and feel your brain energy expand.

Week 24: Brain energy breathing. Expand the energy ball to fill the entire head as you breathe in – feel the energy ball rolling in the expanded orbit. Then, move it down the spiral towards the center of your consciousness and collapse it into a small ball as you breathe out. “Massage” it when it is small ball so that it wants to spring out and expand more.

Week 25: Brain energy breathing. Expand your brain aura by repeating this exercise every day. Finish exercise by letting the energy out the same way you brought it in. Achieve feeling of ease and brightness in your head. 


Continue to practice all exercises to build on your mindfulness practice and conscious presence. 

*Note: This is a practice-based program. Individual are based on participant’s commitment, dedication, and practice.

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