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Communicate to Connect -
Emotional Intelligence Skills for Thriving Business and Professional Relationships
Self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship management and communication skills to master professional and business communication.

In the professional and business world, effective communication and social skills are crucial for maintaining strong professional, and client relationships, collaborating with colleagues, and partners, and nurturing positive relations with other organizations and stakeholders. The same is true for family relationships and friendships. As number one U.S. leadership expert John Maxwell states, “many people communicate and very few connect”. The ability to connect with people on a deeper level is the true key to success and satisfaction in all aspects of life.


Through this dynamic, and reflective session Tatyana will help attendees develop the understanding of different communication styles, understand how they communicate, enhance their social and communication skills, integrate the new realizations into their communication toolkit. The purpose of this session is to elevate and improve daily interactions for better professional networking, team dynamics, ease of communication under pressure, and as a result, higher productivity, and happy customers.


Attendees will also learn how to:


  • Identify and explain social skills and their importance in the workplace and in personal life.

  • Develop social self-awareness through the Four Squares exercise, individual and group reflection.

  • Explore different communication styles.

  • Influential networking – how to connect on a deeper level to instant genuine connection and build lost-lasting relationships.

  • The power of gratitude in a daily life and how it empowers individuals and the team and uplifts the team spirit.

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