Thrive in Joy Program

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5 Week program

5 sessions, 1 hour

About the Program:

What we think we become. This program will help you create clarity and peace in your mind, understand and successfully manage negative emotions, release limiting beliefs, and reprogram your mind to harmonize all spheres of your life. You will align your mind, body, and spirit, to create a lasting sense of well-being.

Learning Objectives:

In this program you will learn to: 

  • Develop healthy habits.

  • Feel good throughout the day.

  • Improve your health and well-being.

  • Learn to recognize, understand, and manage negative emotions.

  • Re-wire your brain to seek joy in life.

  • Become the conscious creator of your life experience.

  • Raise your vibration to attract abundance and positivity in your life.

  • Establish an environment for successful transformation.



Module 1: Healthy Morning Routine

  • Benefits of a good morning routine.

  • Developing healthy habits.

  • How to create a routine that works and lasts.

  • Setting up the environment for successful implementation and transformation.


Module 2. Mindset Reset 

  • Identify your limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns.

  • Reprogram your mind – mindset shift.

  • Rewire the neuron connections in your brain to seek joy in life.

  • Observe what brings your joy and collect joyful moments throughout the day.


Module 3: Dealing with Negative Moments

  • How to manage your negative emotions (emotions are your internal GPS).

  • How to train your mind to seek the positive in negative situations.

  • How to become the creator of your life experience.


Module 4: Benefits of Gratitude 

  • Cultivating the feeling of gratitude.

  • Starting your morning with gratitude.

  • Raising your vibration to feel good.

  • Attracting and being grateful for joy in your daily life.


Module 5: Mastering Joy to Bring in Abundance and Well-being

  • Why practicing joy is necessary and achievable.  

  • How to practice joy every day.

  • Creating a process and being in the creative flow.

"Thrive In Joy"

Priscila DeVito.png

~Priscilla DeVito​

"Through this program, I have been able to shift my mindset from reactive to proactive. Experiences no longer disappointment me as I now see every experience as an opportunity to clarify what I want in the areas of life that are important to me. Tatyana has helped me develop a constructive and resilient mindset and has guided me to understand the power of setting positive and clear intentions, in order to live a joyful high-performance lifestyle. I would recommend this program to family and friends as an opportunity to define what happiness and success looks within our respective constructs"

Amy L.png

~Amy Lenardson

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"Tatyana has the most wonderful energy! She is what she teaches. Strategies she used were always done in a way that made me think, 'I can do this!' So much of what she presents I knew, but just didn't apply consistently or correctly. I'm' much more in tuned to recognize negative thought patterns and redirect those thoughts into a positive direction. This enabled me to accomplish meaningful tasks that lead me closer to my goals rather than waste time on trivial or useless activities. Tatyana helped me to recognize my own value and to feel good about who I am, which in turn boosted my confidence. Greater confidence allows me to serve others more effectively. I would hands-down recommend Tatyana and her Thrive in Joy Program, in fact, I already have! In addition, I've chosen to continue with her a second time."


~Cynthia McCarthy

"I was feeling stuck and angry, operating from preconceived thoughts, about not reaching the goals I had set for myself. I was pushing myself too hard and not confident about doing what it takes to make changes. Tatyana was patient and persistent helping me to see the power of change within me. Once I realized this, I worried less and started to enjoy day-to-day activities as they occurred instead of feeling I had this impossible list of things to do. I appreciate myself more. I am more confident to focus on what I want and let it happen. It was amazing to see how the things I wanted started to happen!"


~Anna Komarova

"I enjoyed working with Tatyana Bills a lot! Thankful for her gentle guidance – I managed to switch my attention from difficulties to opportunities that every day carries. I felt hopeless and down before, now I’m in control of positive changes in self-perception and the events in my life. The program helped me view goodness in my daily routine and I’m looking positively at what I can do to make my life better. I know now that my task is to be attentive to myself in building my every moment and this will bring desirable results. Would highly recommend to my friends as well as to general public."


~Mel Duncan

"The program gave me structure and a designated time and place to be able to practice self-care. Before the program, I felt very stuck. It has helped me be open to finding joy in my life and to be aware of gratitude and how it plays an integral part of my life. Now I feel like I have many doors that have opened."