Thrive in Joy Program


5 Week program

5 sessions, 1 hour

About the Program:

What we think we become. This program will help you create clarity and peace in your mind, understand and successfully manage negative emotions, release limiting beliefs, and reprogram your mind to harmonize all spheres of your life. You will align your mind, body, and spirit, to create a lasting sense of well-being.

Learning Objectives:

In this program you will learn to: 

  • Develop healthy habits.

  • Feel good throughout the day.

  • Improve your health and well-being.

  • Learn to recognize, understand, and manage negative emotions.

  • Re-wire your brain to seek joy in life.

  • Become the conscious creator of your life experience.

  • Raise your vibration to attract abundance and positivity in your life.

  • Establish an environment for successful transformation.



Module 1: Healthy Morning Routine

  • Benefits of a good morning routine.

  • Developing healthy habits.

  • How to create a routine that works and lasts.

  • Setting up the environment for successful implementation and transformation.


Module 2. Mindset Reset 

  • Identify your limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns.

  • Reprogram your mind – mindset shift.

  • Rewire the neuron connections in your brain to seek joy in life.

  • Observe what brings your joy and collect joyful moments throughout the day.


Module 3: Dealing with Negative Moments

  • How to manage your negative emotions (emotions are your internal GPS).

  • How to train your mind to seek the positive in negative situations.

  • How to become the creator of your life experience.


Module 4: Benefits of Gratitude 

  • Cultivating the feeling of gratitude.

  • Starting your morning with gratitude.

  • Raising your vibration to feel good.

  • Attracting and being grateful for joy in your daily life.


Module 5: Mastering Joy to Bring in Abundance and Well-being

  • Why practicing joy is necessary and achievable.  

  • How to practice joy every day.

  • Creating a process and being in the creative flow.

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