Envision happiness & Reinvent your life.

Bring your mind, body, and spirit into the next level of alignment, to create, attract, and manifest the life you desire and deserve.


Tatyana Bills

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I help people who feel 'stuck' in life, due to past trauma or unprocessed emotions, so they can move forward to create the happy life they desire and deserve.

Rustic Beach Path

Create your personal and professional path. Discover your purpose.

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Release past trauma, discover your power, open and clear a path for healing and happiness.

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Visualize and align your mind, body, and spirit to prepare you for authentic and healthy relationships.


Tatyana Bills

There was a time in my life when I was broke and broken. Life was difficult. Food was scarce. My future looked bleak. Then I met the person who would change my life. He became my mentor, my sensei, and my life coach. He taught me meditation, concentration, and energy work; he also taught me to believe in myself. Today I am strong, confident, health and happy. I changed the trajectory of my life and you can too. 

I will never forget my first session with Tatyana. Within moments, her encouraging presence and insightful prompts had me opening up about my dream lifestyle. Tatyana is kind, thoughtful, and curious. She brilliantly connects the dots between my dreams and the actions I can take to achieve them.


“Our life is shaped by our mind,

for we become what we think.”